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The First

The first non-human President was a Tackbo. Sociologists blamed the declining human birth rate. Others pointed out that it was impossible to keep up with species like the Tackbo, that produce more offspring. Humans lost the evolutionary birth cycle war. We couldn’t keep up. It was just a matter of time before we were the minority. Some were angry. They said we lost the planet. They said that the Earth belonged to humans. Speciesism reared its ugly head that year. It was reminiscent of the racism wars humans had been fighting for a long time. It didn’t last long. The reality of it all was that despite being Tackbo, Martin Song was the best candidate. And aliens had for the most part moved the planet to a better place. They reversed global warming. They solved our energy problems. They brought diversity to a stagnant and dying planet. People were content. Earth was content. Or at least it seemed.

Published in Fiction