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Adam put his clothes into the basket on the floor. He stepped up on the platform. The technician removed the small metal band from around his neck. This was the first time it had been removed since puberty. The technician threw the collar in a basket and motioned for Adam to move along. 

Adam followed the rest of the men into a large classroom. He rubbed his neck, sat down and looked around. Forty or so naked boys sat in the room, touching, scratching or massaging their newly exposed necks.

The tingles started. He had read about it, but had never actually experienced it. It intensified and his groin began to ache as his small, flaccid penis became erect.

He was afraid to touch it so he just stared.

A gray haired technician stepped to the front of the room. “Listen up, gentlemen,” he barked. “The Federal government would like to remind you of some things. First of all, the women, men and others in this facility are here of their own free will. This means that everything that happens in the next room is consensual. According to the Mordright Accords we have activated Safeword Protocols. If your partner says, SAFEWORD, please move along and find someone more suited to your tastes. Failure to adhere to this will result in immediate termination. Have fun. And remember murder is still a capital offence”

The doors swung open and the men pushed and screamed their way into the facility.

Adam eyes tried to adjust as he stumbled into the large dark room. It was bad enough he was dealing with his first erection, but now this. Bodies were everywhere. Men were everywhere. The screaming over took him. He sank into a dark corner and slid to the floor. There beside him on the floor he noticed a petite naked woman. She was bleeding and crying.

It was this moment that Adam realized there was nothing consensual about the facility.

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