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Day: September 14, 2018

Flash Friday: I LUV U

The first time I wrote I LUV U with my finger on his skin, he asked what I was doing. I told him it was my way of saying how much I loved him. He laughed, pushed my hair aside and kissed my forehead.

I would do it again every now and again. He would always thank me, kiss my forehead, and say he loved me too.

As our relationship progressed, I would change it up and write, U SUCK or FUCK U. He would laugh and say he loved me. I would laugh for obvious reasons. No matter what I wrote, he would kiss my forehead and say he loved me too.

The day I wrote, IM SLEEPING WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND AND HE IS A MUCH BETTER LOVER THAN U, is when I think he realized something was wrong with us.

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