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Dragon’s Wishbone

Dragon scales are rare, teeth even more so. But, a dragon’s wishbone? There you have a treasure. I know what you are thinking, but you would be wrong. A dragon’s wishbone doesn’t even really resemble that of a chicken. No, a dragon’s wishbone is a gift. The furcula of a dragon is a u-shaped bone that spans the chest. This is the bone that anchors the massive wing muscles. It is the strongest bone in a dragon’s body. But that is not the gift. The gift of the dragon’s wishbone is its weight, or lack thereof. Strong, light and rare. You don’t see them very often. Kings keep them in dark places. Merchants peddle their lives hoping to own one. You see, I stole mine. I’m not proud of it, but there, I said it. It took me years and years to fashion it into this sword here. It is perfect. Perfectly balanced. Perfectly decorated. Perfectly rare. It is important that you understand this as I kill you today. Your death, while not a treasure or a gift, will be rare. Rare like the dragon’s wishbone.

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